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A Well Designed WebSite Should...
  • Contain current and relevant information;
  • Have concise text that keeps to the point;
  • Use logical and intuitive navigation;
  • Have a crisp and clean appearance;
  • Provide immediate and responsive customer service;
  • Be easy to see on the screen;
  • Load quickly; and,
  • Never be boring.

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We Get Your Customer's Attention:

Our design philosophy is simple -- we use whatever works to get the job done right!  
  • We use color and high quality graphics to add visual appeal.  
  • We believe that animations should attract attention, but never annoy.
  • We use Java and CGI scripting to create custom functions.
  • We like the flash of "Zap and Pop" features, but only when its appropriate.
  • Most importantly, we design for the average user -- not the "techno wizard" -- so your site will reach the largest audience.

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